Q:  How many miles do we float?

  • A: Our float trip is a perfect 8.9 miles!

Q:  How long are we on the water?

  • A: A float will typically last 4 hours, depending on the speed that the guests paddle.

Q: Do you only float on Saturdays? 

  • A: We generally float exclusively on the Saturdays, but if your group needs a weekday float let us know and we will try to find a way to make it happen if possible. However, we require a minimum of 20 people to float on any day other than Saturdays.

Q: Can we bring our own kayaks or canoes?

  • A: At this time we have decided to not allow private boats on our trips. We recognize that many people have canoes and kayaks they want bring and this decision might disappoint.

Q: What price do I pay for my children?

  • A: We offer a discount for canoing or kayaking for children 5 and under. They would be free with a paying adult. All other prices would still apply.

Q:  What is the environment like on the river on a typical weekend?

  • A: It is an exciting and private experience in the Ozarks! Living Waters is surrounded by private property, so the only other people you will see are locals out fishing. You will find families, scout troops, church and youth groups having a wonderful family friendly time on the river.

Q:  How far is it from where we camp to the put-in and take-out?

Q:  What time does the bus leave?

  • A: Depending on the weekend, we will have several bus runs. The first bus leaves can leave as early as 8:30 A.M. We do our best to accommodate the schedules of our guests. However, the volume of guests for the day may require multiple departure times. We will determine the departure times as soon as possible for your group.

Q:  What is in a River Lunch?

  • A: A River Lunch consists of a large deli sandwich (cheese, turkey or chicken and ham), a bag of chips, cookies/candy and a bottle of water.

Q:  Do you provide coolers for the lunches?

  • A: Lunches will be packed in coolers for each group to use. Coolers must be returned to a staff member at end of the canoe trip. Guests should bring their own coolers for additional drinks and snacks.

Q:  Do you ice for sale?

  • A: Yes, we have bags of ice for $3.00 in the trading post. Feel free to stop by for anything else you might need.

Q:  What‘s this I hear about ice cream with Dutch Oven Cobbler for Venture Crews and Scouts?

  • A: That’s right! If you make the cobbler, we’ll serve up the ice cream! Please let us know ahead of time if you will be providing cobbler so we can make sure to have ice cream for you group.


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