Global Outdoor Adventure Leadership

Joint Venture

UP Global Network & Living Waters Christian Canoe Ministry

Our objective is to create a competitive internship for young Adults interested in pursuing Outdoor Adventure Leadership as a full time or part-time endeavor.  In many cases, these adventures will take these future leaders around the world.  Where possible we hope to connect indigenous Church Planters with Treks for positive interaction and Income Generation. This is a paid position. The internship begins May 17, 2019. See below for full schedule

  • Principles of Outdoor Adventure Leadership (Ashley Denton)

  • Principles of Discipleship

  • Leading Missional Communities

  • Making Spiritual Disciplines part of everyday life

  • Principles of Safety and First Response Planning

  • Contemporary Controversies in Outdoor Adventure

  • Outdoor Expertise

Program Development:  (you will develop skills and experience)
Social Media
Promoting your trek
Leading your trek
Sharing your hope
After the trek (sustaining community)

Intern at Living Waters where you will get a learning lab of camp operations and guest relations
Social Media you will post in both Camp and personal social media to build community and excitement for your activities
Camp Maintenance because, that’s part of the deal
Construction stretch learning and planning
Communicating with Guests learning and mastering thorough and complete communications and understanding of unintended messages
Plan and execute Venture Crew Weekends Plan practical and impactful events with active feedback for development
Guide on the river both exciting and fun, there will be times when good decision making and effective communication can make or break the day
Learn fundamental First Aid learn how to treat the injury and the patient (and sometimes their worried parent)
Create an outdoor space for small group devotionals or your own space

REVENANT Treks: We haven’t been able to rent a bear… yet.  This trek is planned by the interns and promises to stretch you personally, physically and relational

Share three biblical and three personal Principles in a Devotional setting you will get to use this skill with guests and during Venture Crew Weekends

Learn to adapt to outdoor living with nights with the interns under the stars, in a tree house, in a tipi, dinner on a campfire, dessert in a dutch oven, yep.

Summer schedule:
10 Days on, 4 days off
Friday - Sunday on, every other Mon- Thursday off (subject to change)

  • Session #1 - May 17-May 26, 2019

  • Session #2 - May 31- June 9, 2019

  • Session #3 - June 14 -June 29, 2019

  • Internship Trek - Typically between Session 3 and Session 4 Location and Dates to be determined

  • Session #4 - July 12 - July 21, 2019

  • Session #5 - July 26 - August 4, 2019

  • Session #6 - August 9- August 18, 2019 (weekends only-TBD)

Paid Work Hours:

Sunday - 4 hrs
Mon - Thurs 6 hrs
Fri - 8 hrs
Sat 10 hrs = 32 hrs average work week (does not include study, transport, or personal time)
Internship includes lodging, meals, scheduled transportation.

If you are able to keep the full schedule, you will work 388 Hours for $3,880, you can earn an additional $400 if you can make every single scheduled weekend (bear in mind, University will reconvene before our main season ends)

During off week you will also meet with Leadership to track progress and reinforce learning Principles

You have transportation form KC to the Camp provided in a Ministry vehicle.  To drive a Ministry vehicle, you must provide a copy of your Drivers License and consent to random Drug Testing (the world we live in).

Professor: Dr. Rex Bonar, Rex is director of a Global Missions Initiative to equip faith development growth with proximal people groups to the unengaged peoples.  A full engagement model that sends both help and hope to those communities.  In addition UP Global engages the immigrant population from those communities that are now placed in our communities.  The arms and legs of the initiative are Missional Communities from and within partner churches.
Rex has many years as director of a successful Summer Internship program at his Home Church, Olathe Bible Church where he was a staff pastor until being launched in the new endeavor with the encouragement and support of OBC.

Co-Directors: Paul Ewing, First a husband and father of four boys, Paul is founding Director of Living Waters Canoe Ministry, Charter Director of Mission Southside, Charter Director and President of UP Global, Advisory Board for Christian Youth Theater and the Overland Park Regional Medical Center Community Advisory Board.  CEO of Prosperity Advisers, the three thriving companies he leads while living his passion of giving individual clients valued financial advice.

Julie Ewing, the Matriarch of the endeavors will oversee intern relations and events.  Something she knows a little about.  As an accomplished Theater Director and Stage performer.

Managing Director:  Joe Lewis, a father of eight.  Joe has been the Managing Director of Living Waters for over five years.  He is also the Manager of the Johnson County place to go wait to get your license plate renewed… I call him Nicodemus.

Manager: Earl Blair, with years of practical experience and an industrious zeal, Earl keeps things humming and keeps us all on our toes.

You Can Expect:
To be pushed beyond your comfort zone, you’ll need a great sense of humor
To have demeaning tasks, but be treated with respect
To be in the elements at times you wish you weren't
To be held accountable on your lessons, your work ethic and your disciplines
To be in positions and situations of responsibility with tough decisions to make

Why Would You?
You can't help yourself
You could make lifelong friends
You were made for this
Everything God has given you is worth more than this
You can't help yourself

Is this you?  Step up and Dive In!

“Let those who THIRST, COME and DRINK of me, for from within them shall FLOW, rivers of Living Waters”  John 7:38