Drawing a straight line…

On my own, even in the best of circumstances, I am only decent at drawing straight lines. Now imagine we are driving 55 miles per hour down a curvy Ozarks road, with you and your friend both holding the same pen trying to draw a straight line while the paper is being jerked in different directions….that can be like canoeing.

I’ve observed canoe partners become frenemies. I’ve seen tiny branches wreak havoc. I’ve seen once tricky cross currents turn into a great friend (once you learn them). In all of this I have yet to see many straight lines.

It just is not the point.

So why are we so dedicated to this ministry?  First, it is about Jesus. The life He was born to lead and the price He paid so that we may live a life eternal in the Creator’s presence. Sometimes in the comfort of the noise of our life, we can ignore the Creation and the Creator.  But out here, on the river, in the demands of silence… it is unmistakable. There is a God, and He wants our attention.  

present tents.jpg

That is the point.

God brings us each to Him at His time and His place. Being given the opportunity to serve that loving God is life’s greatest privilege. Since 2001, we’ve been blessed to work with over a hundred volunteers; many of them complete families with young children. Never once had a volunteer imagined themselves at Living Waters. But just as the straight line is not the point, saying YES to the calling is the point.

We are pleased to share His creation with you.  Dive In!

Paul Ewing, Founder